Owner, Operator, and Developer of Quality Real Estate


Spectrum’s core strategy aims to invest capital based on a value-driven investment approach with a long-term outlook. Each opportunity is categorized as either Core, Value-Add or Opportunistic


Spectrum’s origins initially began in the late 1980s as a developer of small multi-family and retail properties. Although the business continues to evolve, the role of developer sits at the epicenter of Spectrum’s vision and culture


True to Spectrum’s roots as a real estate operator, the firm has had tremendous success vertically integrating the management arm CF Management as the primary management team across all of Spectrum’s properties

About Us

Spectrum Properties is a Southern California-based, privately-held real estate investment firm that was founded in 1986. Our mission is to create value for our investors, tenants and community at large. The firm specializes in the acquisition, development, and management of real estate properties across Southern California, with a focus on San Gabriel Valley and the surrounding areas

We focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns by employing a fundamental, research-intensive approach to real estate investing.This involves targeting high-quality, well-located assets with superior long-term intrinsic value. Spectrum invests in a range of asset classes including residential, office, retail, self-storage, industrial, and vacant land for development

Spectrum’s Managing Partners

have always believed that investing their own equity alongside their partners exemplifies their confidence in each transaction

The firm’s current portfolio

totals in excess of 500k square feet with a gross value of over $120 million

The firm’s strategy

takes into account both market dynamics and investors’ evolving tastes for asset classes and risk profiles

Since inception, the firm has delivered superior investment results well
above industry average returns. Spectrum Properties goes to considerable
lengths to ensure that each project fits well into the community it
serves and creates a positive impact