Profitable Acquisition, Development, and Management of Real Estate

Our History

Spectrum Properties Inc. had its beginnings in 1986 as a developer of small multi-residential and retail properties. From the early years at Spectrum, the partners knew that their unique value in the market was based on knowing their chosen real estate market as well or better than anyone else, along with being able to make critical buying decisions in a very timely manner.

With this combination of knowledge and speed, Spectrum consistently outperforms its competition in acquiring some of the highest quality real estate in the Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, Whittier, and other Southern California locations.

Spectrum Properties continues to be committed to these competitive techniques on behalf of its investors. During the down times in real estate in the late 80's and early 90's Spectrum leveraged it's great relationships within the financial industry and the real estate brokerage community to make a number of key purchases of financially distressed properties. Within a short time, Spectrum was able to manage those properties back to profitability and either sell them off for significant profits, or improve, hold, and manage them for long term returns.

Starting in the year 2000 Spectrum Properties began to notice that investors were looking for a variety of investments that would give them both short term profits, along with longer term, more steady income. For this reason Spectrum began a deliberate plan to acquire properties that would provide these benefits to its investors. Today Spectrum Properties is able to provide consistent returns to its investors by achieving its goal of acquiring all types of investment properties. As a result, Spectrum Properties is able to provide a balanced and diversified portfolio to the market.

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