Our History

Spectrum’s origins initially began in the late 1980s as an investor and developer of small multi-residential and retail properties. Although the business continues to evolve, the role of developer sits at the epicenter of Spectrum’s vision and culture

Spectrum Properties was founded and is led by Al Cabraloff and Greg Felikian. Al and Greg developed a passion for real estate over 30 years ago when they realized that Southern California was going to continue to be a highly desirable region for residents, companies, and investors. From the beginning, the founders knew that their unique value proposition was based on knowing their chosen real estate market as well or better than anyone else, and being able to create lasting value for investors, tenants, and the community at large

During the real estate downturn in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Spectrum was able to take advantage of the market opportunity and deploy capital into distressed assets that management believed to have significant upside. Combining Greg’s expertise in the firm’s prospective target markets with Al’s efficient execution and delivery, Spectrum began to build its legacy. Within a short timeframe, Spectrum was able to optimize the properties and either sell them for significant profits, or continue to improve and manage them for the long-term. Today, the founders have created a portfolio with a gross value of over $150 million and continue to take ownership of, responsibility for, and pride in every project. Spectrum Properties is able to provide consistent, superior investment returns to its investors by investing in all types of real estate assets. The firm continues to increase its assets under management with an aggressive but measured acquisition approach given the desire for investors to receive both short-term profits and long-term income. As a result, Spectrum provides a balanced and diversified portfolio